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We focus on innovative and continuous research aimed at the development of quantitative and velocity trading systems that are profitable in every market conditions. As a result of these research efforts and the implementation of leading-edge market research, news analysis and methods from behavioral finance. Our aim is to provide uncorrelated investment offer with stable long term performance. We are convinced that our product offering provides a valuable addition to every investment portfolio. It is our ambition to accept the challenges of changing market environments.

Big data is applicable where a large amount of digital data is accompanied by the need to acquire new information or knowledge. In investments with a significant increase in services provided electronically, the use of big data is of particular importance to the analysis of a large number of data and the speed of their processing, which has an impact on the speed and efficiency of investment decisions made. By volume and velocity of processed data, we are able to maximize the expected value of our transactions.


Everyday, countless flow of discretionary information of fundamental importance strikes global financial markets. Our systems analyze the impact of electronic publication headlines in the mass media and published macroeconomic data. Advanced algorithms perform automatic analysis of published information and make investment decisions based on programmed patterns. Before man can even  read the headline,  our systems have already opened proper transactions.


In our investments we focus on a large number of very small transactions in order to achieve the investment objective. The speed of transactions and the advantage over other market participants give us a chance to profit in all market conditions. Our systems analyze the attractiveness of a given price and try to open transactions as soon as possible and on the best possible terms. If this is not possible, we are waiting for the next opportunity. Small steps to a big goal.


We assume that almost everything has already happened and history repeats itself. Therefore, when building our models, we test them in any market conditions that have appeared in the last 20 years. Every day, we update our artificial intelligence models with new data, preparing our clients' investments for all market conditions, anticipating possible scenarios and minimizing the impact of risk on the investment result. We learn from other investor's mistakes.


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